The Counseling department at Hagan Elementary School is here to help you with a multitude of things. We are available to assist with:

  • Social and emotional development

  • Academic achievement

  • Transcript management

  • Or anything else you want to talk about!

Our mission to help all students adjust to stress and challenges that arise in elementary school. We understand whether you are a student who is breezing through school academically, someone who has just moved to Williston and doesn't know many people yet, or someone who is not succeeding in the classroom, there are always times you might want someone to talk to.

About our Social Worker

Hi, my name is Kerri Klein. You may hear your children refer to me as Mrs. Kerri or Mrs. Klein. I am the social worker at Hagan. I have worked with children, youth, and families in various professional environments since 1993. My focus at Hagan Elementary school will be Social Emotional Learning for your children. Social and emotional skills are learned like any other skill; receiving information in a variety of ways, through repetition, and through opportunities to practice. I will be doing Social Emotional Learning groups, attending the classrooms, assisting on the playground and in the lunch room, and at times meeting with youth one on one. I will primarily utilize the Conscious Discipline terminology and approach when addressing your child’s Social Emotional Learning. I consider it a privilege and an honor to assist your children with their Social and Emotional Learning.