Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week was developed in 1988 to promote an awareness of the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. This special week was developed to honor the memory of Enrique Camarena. During this week, we will have special activities to educate our students on the dangers of drugs and the importance of making positive choices.

Let's stand together and show our school spirit virtually. Please participate in the following school spirit activities and post a picture of yourself to the Google Classroom under the designated post.

Goal: To increase awareness of drugs and the effect on families, friends, and one's own body. Develop effective problem-solving and decision making skills to make safe and healthy choices.


10/25 Monday "Rally in Red Against Drugs and Bullying"

Students should wear as much red as possible

10/26 Tuesday - "My Future is Bright and Drug Free!"

Dress up in clothes that you would wear in your future career

10/27 Wednesday - "Black Out Drugs"

Students should wear as much black as possible

10/28 Thursday - "Rally in Red Against Drugs"

Wear as much red as possible

10/29 Friday- "We are Dreaming of a World Without Drugs"

Pajama Day (Halloween dress up starts at 2:15)